A challenging 9 hole golf course with 18 different tee boxes offering several different looks and approaches to the small, fast greens. The tight fairways, out-of-bounds and abundance of hazards will leave you rethinking each shot. The course plays a par 71 from the blue tees and 73 from the white and red tees.

Course & Slope Rating

  • Men's Blue Tee: 71.0-127
  • Men's Blue-White-Combo Tee: 69.6-127
  • Men's White Tee: 68.4-127
  • Men's White-Red Combo Tee: 66.3-119
  • Men's Red Tee: 64.4-116
  • Women's White Tee: 73.9-132
  • Women's White-Red Combo Tee: 71.7-129
  • Women's Red Tee: 69.5-123
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To reach our Clubhouse directly please call 585-394-4077.